National Directorate of Geology, Mozambique

National Directorate of Geology, Mozambique

Geological Mapping


Geological Mapping


After national independence there was increased geological fieldwork in the country which resulted on identification of several new deposits. So, the civil war intensified in 1983, give no chance for cartography and mineral exploration fieldwork. During the period between 1999 up to now, in order to increase the geological database, publish and promote geological information, the National Directorate of Geology, undertake following activities:

Geological mapping of Niassa and Manica Greenstone Belts

The following geological mapping areas were covered:

  • From 1999 up to 2000: Ngoo, Cobue and Lupiliche in Niassa Province;
  • From 2002 up to 2003: sheets 1437 and 1438 in Niassa-Nampula Provinces; and
  • about 25.000 Km2,which covered the distrits of Cuamba, Metarica, Muoco, Nipepe, Ribáuè, Iapala, Malema and Mutuali;
  • Geological prospection in selected areas-Project

    In 1999, the field work covered 280km² was directed to ornamental stones in Gorongosa site and two type of commercial rocks was identified:

  • Granito negro (olivínic gabbro and dolorito) in Mfumo Domba, Monte Ndemera, Monte Nhade areas;
  • Granito róseo (grannular granite and granitoides) in Serra Carabina and Serra da Gorongosa areas.
  • Gorongosa

    In 2000, the field work undurtake in Espungabera area and 297 km², was covered with promissing areas on granitos negros:

  • Basalto de Chinica, Monte Cibeche, Corneana de Rio Caja, Chirarue, Monte Chicono, Basalto do Monte Mangala.
  • Xisto Ardósio, sources of thermal water in Vira-Vira and Régulo Wilson zone.
  • In 2002, Tete Provincia was visited and covered 499 km² with:

  • Granitos (negro, castanho) with economic interesse in Nhatipissa, Ratoneira, Nhambia, Txisita, Buzimuana, Moatize e Catema; along Tete-Songo steet in Cahora Bassa region.
  • In 2003 the fieldwork was undertaken on Cahora Bassa and Changara Districts were granites was identified in Maroeira, Nditi, Cahora Bassa, Kadzipande and Thaka areas.


    Geological mapping of LOT 1

    Lot 1

    Between 2003 and 2004 the Norconsult consortio (Norway Geological Survey and British Geological Survey) has performed the geological mapping and covered the following map sheet numbers of Niassa Province:

  • 1134-Ponta Messuli, 1234-Metangula, 1135-Lupilichi, 1235-Macaloge,1136-Milepa,
  • 1137-Macalange, 1237-Mecula, 1236-Mavago,1337-Marrupa, 1334-Meponda, 1335-Lichinga
  • The following map sheet numbers were covered in same period in Cabo Delgado Province:

  • 1138-Negomane, 1139-Mueda, 1140-Mocimboa da Praia, 1238-Xixano, 1239-Meluco, 1240-Quissinga, 1338-Namuno
  • Geological mapping of LOT 2

    The Geological Survey of Finland (GTK), ITC and Godwana consortio has undertake the geological mapping in following map sheets in Tete Province:

  • 1430-Inhamambo, 1431-Maluera, 1432-Chifunde, 1530-Zumbo, 1531-Fingoé,1532-Songo
  • 1533-Cazula, 1534-Zóbuè, 1631-Mecumbura, 1632-Chioco, 1633-Tete, 1634-Tambara
  • Lot 2

    The following map sheets were covered from Manica and Sofala Provinces:

  • 1732/1733-Guru, 1734-Chemba, 1832-Manica, 1833-Catandica, 1834-Gorongosa, 1932-Rotanda, 1933-Chimoio and 1934-Beira
  • Geological mapping of LOT 3

    The mapping of southen region of Mozambique has been done by GTK, ITC and Godwana from 2003 up to 2005 and the following map sheets ware covered:

  • 1835-Inhaminga, 1836-Marromeu, 1935-Savana, 2032/33-Chibabava, 2034-Nova Mambone,
  • 2131/32-Massangene, 2133-Chidoco, 2134/35-Bazaruto, 2231-Chiculacuala,2232-Machaila,
  • 2233-Chigubo, 2234/35-Mabota/Vilanculo, 2331/32-Massingir, 2333-Rio Changana, 2334/35-Funhaloro/Inhambane
  • 2431/32-Chilembene, 2433-Chókwè, 2434/35-Zavala/Inharrime, 2531/32-Maputo, 2533/34-Xai-Xai, 2632-Bela vista.
  • Geological mapping of area D

    The Council for Geoscience (CGS) and Direcção Nacional de Geologia (DNG) from 2001 to 2003, had undertake the geological mapping in the following areas:

  • In Nampula Province: Nacoroa, Monapo, Memba, Ilha de Moçambique, Nampula, Muecate, Angonia, Moma, Nametil, Murrupula and part of Ribáuè e Malema Districts;
  • In Zambézia Province, the Distrits of Alto Molócue, Gile and part of Pebane and In Tete Province the Angonia and Furancungo districts.